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Wine and food tourism

The biggest Mediterranean island is very attractive about different points of view!
 It is famous for sure for its delicious food and  excellent wine, in fact it produces several different kind of wines such us Nero d’Avola, Malvasia, Moscato , Grecanico, Frappato, Cerasuolo di Vittoria, NerelloMascalese. Extraordinary  products are also olive oil, cheeses, cold cuts, sweeties and desserts, the fishing etc…
The success of Sicilian cuisine is the use of local flavors.The most common are basil and oregano, rosemary, sage and the thyme. Widely used are garlic, onion and parsley. The olive oil is widespread. Italy is the Second World Olive Oil Producer , and Sicily the third region for the production of olive oil after Apulia and Calabria.
The bread is essential for Sicilian people!  Each country has its own recipe for bread; in fact there are different types of bread, including typical breads baked for celebrations and festivities.
Sicily, lapped between two seas, has a cuisine where fish has got a big role, especially the "poor fish" such as tuna, mullet and octopus. The favorite meat is pork, then beef and chickens ..
The tradition of cheese and ricotta, is an ancient tradition. Sicily also produces wonderful fruit, it is famous for its citrus groves.

To visit Sicily means, first of all, prepare oneself for a journey through the taste of Sicilian cuisine.

There are so many suggested sites to visit!
Typical food of this area are: :  pasta with sardines, pasta with tomato sauce and slices of fried eggplants and basil spaghetti with pesto, home mademaccheroni pasta, Sardines beccafico, Sausage with “cavuliceddi" (typical vegetables of Alcamo), Parmigiana eggplants,  “caponata”; about desserts there are “ cassatelle” with ricotta (Speciality of Castellammare Del Golfo), i “cannoli” (Speciality of Fulgatore and Dattilo),  “sfince” di San Giuseppe (Speciality of Alcamo) , “fruttamartorana”, “genovesi” (Speciality of Erice), couscous  with fish (Speciality of San Vito Lo Capo and Trapani), Sandwich with “panelle” and “milza” (Speciality of Palermo) ecc…
Suggestedwines in the province of Trapani: Passito e Moscato di Pantelleria, Alcamo DOC, Erice DOC, Salaparuta DOC.

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