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Shopping Tour

Shopping Tour through the typical Sicilian markets
Markets in Sicily, organized in Arabian style, are usually arranged in squares. Here you will find different kinds of goods such as clothes, shoes, food and plants.
In Alcamo the market is organized every Wednesday morning,  in Castellammare del Golfo every Saturday morning and in Trapani every Thursday morning.
Typical markets in Palermo.
The markets of Palermo are the perfect place for a real returnto the past and to the most ancient traditions of people of the city.

The oldest and most popular market in Palermo, it extends around Piazza Caracciolo . At the beginning it was considered as a meat market, once enclosed by arches now completely open, where the goods (meat, fish, fruit ) are exposed in typical stalls on special marble slabs called " balate ".  It is a mix of voices, smells and noises, a corner of the city where time seems  that it has stopped. Here you can find all the ingredients of Sicilian cuisine; they sell fish, meat, citrus fruits, vegetables, spices, oil, but also silver and coral.
With the market Ballarò , it is the busiest market in the city. It extends from PortaCarini , next to the Court and extends throughout the area .The typical streets are very nice decorated. Sellers, using the dialect, they create music that is capable of penetrating into the ears of passers-by, inviting them to buy their goods.The fish here sold is illuminated by lamps and it is wet all the time to emphasize the organoleptic qualities.
The popular market for excellence . It extends from the CorsoTukory , near the station , penetrates inside into theparallel area of the street  Via Maqueda.
It is a traditional and populatedneighborhood, now multicultural. The name comes from the Arabs. It's a market used to sell fruit,  vegetables, meat and fish, but there are also articles for the cleaning of the house. In contrast to the other  markets, it is less transited by tourists.
Small but quaint market, a few steps from the central square Politeama.
Palermo is one of the most active and busy  city in Sicily, and it offers many opportunities for have fun during the night. One of the point of meeting is the area of the popular market BorgoVecchio. This market is the only one that remains opened until late evening, attracting many young people who meet here to organize their evening!

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